• Maintenance Manager - Holiday Inn Express Grandville

    Suburban Inns
    Job Description

    Position Summary

    Responsible for the overall operations of the maintenance department while following Suburban Inns’ Core Values and IHG standards, as well as going above and beyond to ensure that guests are 100% satisfied. Oversees all mechanical areas of the hotel, restaurant, and grounds to keep the hotel functioning at top efficiency.

    Essential Functions

    • Report to work in uniform presented professionally, neat, and clean
    • Greet all guests in a friendly, positive manner. Ask questions of guests and make personal connections to make them feel they are welcome and valued
    • Anticipate and meet the needs and expectations of our guests, then go one step further
    • Repair or service heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to improve efficiency, such as by changing filters, cleaning ducts, or refilling non-toxic refrigerants
    • Install, connect, or adjust thermostats, humidistats, or timers
    • Connect heating or air conditioning equipment to fuel, water, or refrigerant source to form complete circuit
    • Study blueprints, design specifications, or manufacturers' recommendations to ascertain the configuration of heating or cooling equipment components and to ensure the proper installation of components
    • Lay out and connect electrical wiring between controls and equipment, according to wiring diagrams, using electrician's hand tools
    • Inspect and test systems to verify system compliance with plans and specifications or to detect and locate malfunctions
    • Record and report time, materials, faults, deficiencies, or other unusual occurrences on work orders
    • Install and test automatic, programmable, or wireless thermostats to minimize energy usage for heating or cooling
    • Adjust system controls to settings recommended by manufacturer to balance system
    • Recommend, develop, or perform preventive or general maintenance procedures, such as cleaning, powerwashing, or vacuuming equipment, oiling parts, or changing filters
    • Assemble, position, and mount heating or cooling equipment, following blueprints or manufacturer's specifications
    • Hire, train, and supervise maintenance Team Members
    • Schedule hours of work for department staff
    • Establish a list of parts suppliers and order items needed for maintenance, completion of work orders, and general department supplies while staying within company budget, and preventing unnecessary downtime of equipment or loss of revenue. Seek approval from GM or AGM on any big ticket items needed
    • Use Quore to keep a record of all maintenance issues, with up to date documentation on what has to be done, as well as what has been done to correct the issues
    • Oversee daily water checks on swimming pool/spa and filtering system for positive health protection
    • Control the security of the property by maintaining master keys, and making sure all equipment is functioning properly (i.e. security cameras, door locks, etc.)
    • HVAC cleaning and repair
    • Perform property walk-arounds as needed throughout the shift, and address all issues encountered. All trash, used towels, room service trays, etc. must be picked up. Keep eyes open for any and all safety and security issues. Report any problems that need to be corrected to the appropriate department or General Manager
    • Coordinate facility repairs between all staff members (front desk, laundry, kitchen, etc.), as well as ensuring guest requests and comfort are first priority
    • Multi-task as necessary. Must be able to jump from one project to the next (prioritize) without neglecting to follow through on the original task
    •  Maintain copies of items that need to be on file at all times, such as county and state mandated pool and spa records, boiler records and certificates, elevator certificates, etc.
    • Maintain an on-going energy management program for the property’s HVAC and lighting systems
    • Update Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as often as needed
    • Oversee the property’s on-going preventative maintenance program
      • Ensure that all preventative maintenance tasks are completed during the designated time period
      • Monitor and review that all completed preventative maintenance is done to Suburban Inns standards
      • Assist with completing preventative maintenance tasks as needed
    • Assist in checking fire protection systems for proper operation and training personnel in their use 
    • Maintain and oversee all aspects of ground beautification
    • Manage the property (hotel and restaurant) on-going preventative maintenance/Holikare program
    • Coordinate necessary contracted work with outside contractors for any repairs that cannot first be taken care of by any Team Member within Suburban Inns. Approval of hiring outside contractors must be gained by the General Manager
    • Drive company vehicles and/or operate heavy machinery such as lawn care and snow removal equipment
    • Maintain open lines of communication between all departments within the hotel
    • Attend Manager’s Meetings
    • Exhibit regular and recurrent attendance records
    • Follow all Suburban Inns Processes
    • See Maintenance Team Member job description
    • Other duties as requested by management

    Position Requirements

    Minimum Knowledge     Requires ability to interpret / extract information and / or perform building repair/upkeep functions. May require typing, record keeping, or word processing. Good communication skills

    Formal Education and Job-Related Experience    This position requires a minimum formal education of a high school diploma and a minimum of two years job-related experience

    License, Registration, and/or Certification Required      Excellent driving record

    External and Internal Personal Contact

    Communications      Daily: Verbal & Written

                                       Weekly: Participation in meetings

    Teamwork and Collaboration      This job is part of a formal work team within the department

    Working Conditions and Physical Effort

    Stress Load      Regular exposure to stresses

    Workload Fluctuation      The workload required to perform this job requires ability to adapt to change

    Manual Skills       Some portions (10 – 50%) of daily assignments involve application of manual skills requiring motor coordination in combination with finger dexterity, e.g., typing, handwriting, or machine operations

    Physical Effort     Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve prolonged standing, transporting material or equipment, or lifting, moving, or carrying heavy (over 30 pounds) materials for intermittent periods throughout the day

    Physical Environment       Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve exposure to dirt, odors, noise, or temperature / weather extremes. Working surfaces may be un-level, slippery, or unstable

    Work Schedule      Work regularly requires or varies between day, evening, night, holiday, or weekend assignments. Schedule varies according to business demands and needs

    Occupational Risks       Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve occupational risk, such as cuts, burns, exposure to toxic chemicals, injuries from falls, or back injury sustained with assisting in moving, lifting, or positioning equipment or materials

    Ergonomics Risks       Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve ergonomic risk, such as regular repetitive tasks, forceful or prolonged exertions of the hands, vibration, cold temperatures, heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying of heavy objects, poor body mechanics, restrictive workstations, or awkward postures

    Safety      Responsible for adhering to all safety policies and procedures of Suburban Inns

    Required Travel      Position will require travel to other Suburban Inns properties or client locations, as well as errand running. Reliable transportation is required.

    Uniform and Appearance Guidelines

    Uniform     Uniform and name tag provided. Close-toed shoes are the responsibility of the Team Member.

    Appearance      Visible earrings are allowed in the ears only, or must be covered throughout the course of the shift. Hair must be of a natural color, and kept well-groomed. This policy will be administered by the position’s supervisor, without regard to race, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, height, weight, genetics, familial status, veteran status, and other protected characteristics. The Director of Operations has the authority to veto any decision made by the position’s supervisor

    Contact Information

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