• Night Auditor - Hilton Garden Inn Grand Rapids

    Suburban Inns
    Job Description

    Please follow the link to apply online:  https://suburbaninns.applytojob.com/apply/sCRnL1eWb4/Night-Auditor-Hilton-Garden-Inn-Grand-Rapids-East

    Position Summary:

    Responsible for providing strong sales techniques and excellent guest service, according to Suburban Inns’ Core Values and Hilton standards, as well as going above and beyond to ensure that guests are 100% satisfied.  The Night Auditor is also responsible for closing out the business day in the PMS system.

    Essential Functions:

    • Report to work in uniform presented professionally, neat, and clean
    • Greet all guests in a friendly, positive manner.  Ask questions of guests and make personal connections to make them feel they are welcome and valued
    • Anticipate and meet the needs and expectations of our guests, then go one step further
    • Consult with 2nd shift about the occurrences of the evening
    • Read the front desk log book and add any comments necessary throughout the shift
    • Assist the night/maintenance person with the closing of the pool if needed
    • Stock The Market.  Make note of anything we need.
    • Run night audit reports and follow the shift checklists each day, completing every task in order to ensure smooth and efficient hotel operations
    • Investigate out of balance situations
    • Make adjustments to accounts as needed
    • Prepare Express Checkouts
    • Vacuum the front desk area and offices
    • Maintain a neat and clean workspace at the front desk and adjacent areas
    • Perform property walk-arounds as needed throughout the shift, and address all issues encountered.  All trash, used towels, room service trays, etc. must be picked up.  Keep eyes open for any and all safety and security issues.  Report any problems to the appropriate department and General Manager
    • Responsible for the settlement and reconciling of guest accounts and paperwork
    • Balance cash drawer and make appropriate cash drops
    • Exhibit regular and recurrent attendance records
    • See the Guest Service Representative job description
    • Other duties as requested by management

    Position Requirements:

    Minimum Knowledge:  Requires ability to interpret / extract information and / or perform arithmetic functions.  Requires typing, record keeping, or word processing skills.  Good communication skills.

    Formal Education and Job-Related Experience:  This position requires a minimum formal education of a high school diploma or equivalent related experience.  One year of Guest Service Representative Experience.

    License, Registration, and/or Certification Required:

    External and Internal Personal Contact:

    Communications:               Daily-Verbal & Written

                                                 Weekly-Participation in meetings

    Teamwork and Collaboration:  This job is part of a formal work team within the department. 

    Working Conditions and Physical Effort:

    Stress Load:  Regular exposure to stresses

    Workload Fluctuation:  The workload required to perform this job requires ability to adapt to change

    Manual Skills:  Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve application of manual skills requiring motor coordination in combination with finger dexterity, e.g., typing, handwriting, or machine operations

    Physical Effort:  Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve prolonged standing, transporting material or equipment, or lifting, moving, or carrying heavy (over 30 pounds) materials for intermittent periods throughout the day

    Physical Environment:  Some portions (10- 50%) of daily assignments involve exposure to dirt, odors, noise, or temperature / weather extremes.  Working surfaces may be un-level, slippery, or unstable

    Work Schedule:  Work regularly requires or varies between day, evening, night, holiday, or weekend assignments.  Schedule varies according to business demands and needs

    Occupational Risks:  Some portions (10- 50%) of daily assignments involve occupational risk, such as cuts, burns, exposure to toxic chemicals, injuries from falls, or back injury sustained with assisting in moving, lifting, or positioning equipment or materials

    Ergonomics Risks:  Some portions (10 – 50%) of daily assignments involve ergonomic risk, such as regular repetitive tasks, forceful or prolonged exertions of the hands, vibration, cold temperatures, heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying of heavy objects, poor body mechanics, restrictive workstations, or awkward postures

    Safety:  Responsible for adhering to all safety policies and procedures of Suburban Inns

    Required Travel:  Position does not require travel to other Suburban Inns properties or client locations.  Work is completed on the property

    Uniform and Appearance Guidelines:

    Uniform:  Uniform shirt and name tag provided.  Suburban Inns approved black slacks and close-toed shoes are the responsibility of the Team Member.

    Appearance:  Visible earrings are allowed in the ears only, or must be covered throughout the course of the shift.  Hair must be of a natural color, and kept well-groomed.  This policy will be administered by the position’s supervisor, without regard to race, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, height, weight, genetics, familial status, veteran status, and other protected characteristics.  The Director of Operations has the authority to veto any decision made by the position’s supervisor

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